Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Are you using black hat SEO techniques?

by Alyssa Ast

Many people aren't aware there are black hat and white hat SEO techniques that can be used. However, if you use black hat techniques you may want to think twice. Black hat techniques are considered to be loathsome and a scam. While these techniques may produce great benefits, if caught, you can be banned from search engines. It's best to stick with honest, white hat techniques when optimizing content. Do you know if you're using black hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO
Black hat SEO is considered to be an unethical approach to search engine optimization. Black hat techniques involves certain shortcuts that throw a website to the top of a search engine's ranking. Good right? No! If caught, search engines will ban the user. These techniques are very deceiving, and while they work in the short term, they are very harmful in the long term.

Common Black Hat Techniques
Probably the number one black hat technique is the misuse of keywords and content. Stuffing content full of keywords is the wrong way to optimize content. Many people that practice black hat SEO will disguise content and keywords on their site by hiding it. They will make the font color the same as the site's background color, causing the text to blend in and not been seen. While the viewers won't see the text, the search engines will.

Others use improper linking. They will use excessive internal linking to detour viewers to their other web pages, and eventually link back to a pointless page, such as a shopping cart page. The use of cookies are another form of black hat SEO and need to be avoided at all cost.

Many SEO experts offer black hat SEO. If you're seeking an SEO expert to aid you with your optimization, make sure they use white hat SEO because you may end up paying for a scam.